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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

60% Say Matt Cutts Won't Return To Google

60% Say Matt Cutts Won't Return To Google

Matt CuttsAs you all know, Matt Cutts has been on leave, an extended vacation for a while now. He extended it even more in November and there are no signs of him coming back any time soon.
I asked in November, if you guys felt Matt would ever return to Google. We had over 500 responses to the poll. The responses said 60% felt Matt would never return to Google, while 40% felt he would.
Personally, I think he will eventually return to Google but not resume in his role at the web spam team. I think he will take more of a role of pushing political change to better the internet in some ways. I do not think he would be interested in coming back as the head of web spam.
We had 560 votes, 37% said he would return, 56% said he would not return and the rest said they simply do not care either way.
I do think Google's web spam team is a better place with Matt.
Forum discussion continued at Black Hat World.


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