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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Google AdWords Improves Bulk Uploads Features

Google AdWords Improves Bulk Uploads Features

google adwords bulk iconGoogle announced on Google+ improvements to their bulk workflow features within the AdWords interface.
The new updates include:
  • Download spreadsheets and make changes offline
  • Upload the updated spreadsheet back into your account exactly where you want to make your changes, and
  • Make sure your changes are ready by using the new integrated previews and error-checking features
Here is a screen shot:
For example, if you have a set of keywords ready to upload to a particular ad group, you’ll be able to easily upload your lists of keywords into that ad group directly through the Edit menu. Your changes will be automatically applied to that ad group - helping you easily upload several changes, where and when you need them. You can access these upload features directly through the Edit menu on the Campaigns, Ad groups, and Ads and Keywords tabs.
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