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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Google Penguin After-Dance Going On Now?

Google Penguin After-Dance Going On Now?

Penguin DanceThere is some very early chatter at WebmasterWorldof reports that another Google shakeup is going on right now.
Webmasters are questioning if it is an update toPenguin 2.1 or if it is something else.
Yesterday morning, one SEO wrote:
Can't see any change in our SERP's but something deffo hit us again today sad
This was followed up with several, "me too" types of posts including:
Weirdness. One of my sites got a boost after the Penguin update on the 4th. Another had a big search surge yesterday but a huge decline this morning.
It is hard to say what is going on right now, but if you saw a change in Google traffic yesterday, let us know and based on the comments, I may ask Google for a comment.
None of the tracking tools show a change yet. But there are indeed many individual complaints in the Google forums as well.


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