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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

SEO Clients Not Paying? What Do You Do?

SEO Clients Not Paying? What Do You Do?

BlackHat Forum thread has a topic that comes up every now and then - what do you do if your client is not paying you for SEO work you've done?

What if you write all this content, do the SEO audit, place the links, do the keyword research, give them the ranking reports or whatever SEOs do, you provide. What if the client simply does not pay you.
SEOs are powerful people and typically you do not want to mess with SEOs. They can cause major damage to your web site, to your online reputation, or worse. But will you take it that far?
I am curious what most SEOs, big and small, do when they have a client that simply won't pay up.
Here is my poll:
What Do You Do If You Don't Get Paid For SEO Work?


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