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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Tips To Reduce Your Website’s Page Loading Time

The competitive market of web design has shown to take up a path that is very similar to human evolution as Charles Darwin stated it. The basic principle of which is the survival of the fittest. Most of the web development services that prevail in the current market are equipped in handling any type of challenges. Improving Page Loading Time for your company’s website shouldn’t be a problem for them because they can help you with some easy fixes and tweaks. If you have hired one of such good web development firms, they should obviously produce fast loading website.
Page Loading Time
Now let us consider few simple tweaks that will help a web development company in providing you a website that will increase Page Loading Time.

Managing your Page Loading Time

1. Minimize the data

The first tip would be the obvious one. Minimize the data that is accessed when starting up the company’s website. But while in the effort to minimize the data you should not compromise the attractive and interactive interface that you need to present on the front page of your website.  A good web development company can help you design a good first page with good Page Loading Time that will have the optimum number of features and will load up really quickly.
Another tip is to minimize the number of files that needs to be transferred from the server to the browser in order to display your website’s home page. As it turns out that for the same amount of data volume if the number of files to be loaded is higher the loading time would be higher. Increasing the file sizes would be good option. But loading really huge files is also not a good option. Your web development company can pick optimum file sizes for your website to load faster.

2. Managing Images

Image sizes shouldn’t be really high so that a good amount of time is spent by the web browser by resizing the image according to the display resolution of the client computer. Choose your image sources wisely. You just have to choose a good web development services firm who can choose the correct image size for you to reduce Page Loading TimePage Loading Time

3. Good programmer

Making efficient web programs is another way to reduce the Page Loading Time. Good programmers are always associated with good web development services so you should be hiring a good one to get this benefit too, just like the others.

 4. Coding

Taking about efficient coding doesn’t go without mentioning avoiding all the white spaces that are avoidable in the code for the HTML web tags, pages and references. There are other coding mechanisms that the professional web designers are familiar with for improving the quality of the written code and also the time needed to completely load up your website.
Besides all these, there are design paradigms and style sheet referencing that can make the website Page Loading Time faster. Another option is to keep your customers equipped with something until your website has completely loaded by distracting them with some other features of the website like small interactive flash files that are loaded up before the company website is loaded.


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