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Saturday, 11 May 2013

List of High Do- Follow Page rank article submission sites...

Article Submission is one of the oldest and most popular link building methods known to the SEO industry. Almost all kinds of online promotion involve article submission, be it a new product launch or information about already existing ones; articles submission attracts lots of readers. The most important thing for an article is it has to be relevant and written to provide true information to its readers.

The art of articles submissions not only lies in submitting them to directories but has a lot more depth in it. We take move to bring them to the masses and spread the information. It is one of the best ways to get acquainted to your consumers and also provide them information.

Benefits of Article submission

The best benefit of Article Submissions is it provides the consumers a platform to gain information. It brings truthful facts in front of the target audience. Here are few more important benefits we get from submitting articles:

  • Get good quality one way backlinks: Once the relevant content in the articles is liked by readers it attracts them even more. This increases traffic on your site and also help in getting backlinks.
  • Improved online visibility and traffic rate: Your presence on article directories increases your visibility as well as traffic rate.
  • Brand Awareness: Articles are a great and affordable way to create brand awareness among the right category of consumers. It is a kind of article marketing.
  • Consumer trust: This provides a platform for websites to prove themselves as an expert in their industry. It builds trust of the readers and makes a relationship worthwhile.
  • Boost your website’s ranking: This is a sure and proven way to boost your website’s ranking in the SERPs.
 Here are few article submission sites listed below.

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