Monday, 20 April 2015

Click Bombing Adsense - AdSense Click Fraud

Click Bombing Adsense - AdSense Click Fraud

AdSense Click Fraud "Click Bombing" INNOCENT VICTIMS WE ARE SICK OF IT!

I today, have been a victim of "Click Bombing" for the second time and what that is, is when some degenerate nutcase comes to your channel and clicks the AdSense ads over and over again, trying to trick Google into thinking that there is some invalid activity on the part of the channel owner, therefore getting the AdSense account terminated. I had to disable revenue sharing on FIVE AdSense approved monetized videos on my channel, because I am without protection from some lunatic doing this to me and a lot of people are losing their AdSense accounts due to some jealous, insane psychopath simply clicking on their ads numerous times. I am losing revenue and so is Google by me having to disable the ads on my videos to prevent my AdSense account from being WRONGLY W R O N G L Y suspended. I have located ONE of the individuals who is click bombing my ads, and reported he/she to Youtube, I have also reported this horrible invalid clicks to AdSense and I have even done a video about this, kept unlisted here is the link WATCH THIS VIDEO  <<< I am not making another video or enabling revenue sharing until I am protected from these kind predators, doing this to innocent people. Partners are leaving Youtube because of this too btw. 

Help protect us, we do nothing but make videos we need protection! Block an ip after it has clicked an ad ONE time please!
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