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automatic payment in progress wire transfer to bank account

Automatic payment in progress Wire transfer to bank account - Google AdSense

We understand that you might have questions about payments. Below are answers to some of our most 
frequently asked questions:
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Payments Frequently Asked Questions

When am I paid?

The AdSense payment cycle is monthly. As long as you’ve completed the five steps to get paid
we’ll issue a payment between the 21st and the 26th of the month. During this time, you’ll see a line 
item appear on your Payment history page indicating that your payment is in progress. Learn more 
For EFT or wire transfer payments, please allow 4-10 days to receive the funds in your bank account 
once the payment process has begun. You can also visit our EFT Troubleshooter for further guidance.

My EFT payment  was sent to closed bank account, What do i do?
If your form of payment is EFT and your payment was issued to a recently closed bank account, 
then the payment will be automatically returned in a few days and your earnings will be credited back
 to your account. If you have a new bank account verified in your account, then your returned payment 
will be re-issued in a few days. You can expect the entire process to take about a week.
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