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SEO Interview Questions for 5 Years of Experience SEO Executive 2014

SEO Interview Questions for 5 Years of Experience SEO Executive 2014

Recently I was interviewing few candidates for a senior position in SEO for which I prepared a set of questions in five categories. I had put some amount of time effort into those questions and was glad with the output – which is why I chose to share the questions with fellow digital marketing professionals. One observation I have from time to time while asking questions during SEO interviews is that only very few candidates are into SEO by matter of choice. Many of them were willing to exit out of SEO on the next opportunity. The questions below are carefully crafted to identify the right candidates who not only have solid exposure and experience in SEO, but also are passionate about it. Oh, by the way I was able to get one such resource for me as an outcome of those recently concluded interview sessions.

SEO Interview Questions to profile out the candidates:

  • Which one of these ‘best’ suits your profile? ‘Client servicing’ or serving ‘Internal clients’ (such as promoting the website of the company that you are working for through search)
  • What are the target markets and geographies (at country level) that you had served in your current and previous roles?
  • What are the verticals (such as retail, apparels, healthcare etc.,) you have experience working with?
  • Do you have experience promoting ecommerce portals in organic search?
  • Do you have experience serving Fortune / Premium clients? Can you list some of them?
  • What are the other spectrums of Digital marketing (such as PPC Ads, Email marketing etc.,) that you have substantial exposure to?
  • Do you have experience managing SEO accounts in the capacity of a manager or above?
  • What is the maximum number of people that you had managed in a role (present or previous)?
  • Do you have experience preparing marketing collaterals, responding to RFIs and RFPs?
  • Have you created new business opportunities for your organization in the field of SEO?
  • Do you have exposure to determine the ‘budget’, ‘cost’ or fix the ‘price’ of SEO services?

SEO Interview Questions pertaining to the candidate’s skill in strategizing the SEO Projects:

  • What are the components, in your views, constitute a search engine friendly website?
  • How would you strategize your SEO projects? In other words, is there a procedure you follow to build the Strategy?
  • Do you have different approaches to build SEO Strategy for Ecommerce vs. Non-Ecommerce projects?
  • If a website doesn’t get conversions from organic search traffic, what are the areas / parameters that you will check upon?

SEO Interview Questions on Implementation or Execution:

  • What are the typical on page SEO techniques that you implement in your projects?
  • Have you ever implemented micro data ( in your SEO projects?
  • What are the Technical / Server side SEO recommendations that you usually provide?
  • Do you have experience handling ‘Migration’ projects to preserve the SEO authority of a site when it goes through redesign / rebuild?

SEO Interview Questions on SEO maintenance and Link Development or Link Building processes

  • What is your approach towards Link Building process? How do you plan and implement it for your clients?
  • What are the free or premium tools that you use for SEO processes?
  • What do you think are ‘effective metrics’ to measure and report the ROI from SEO projects?
  • Can you describe a challenging case where you had achieved top positions in SERP and the techniques that delivered those results?

SEO Interview Questions to gauge whether the candidate is up to date with SEO trends

  • Can you summarize your views on how SEO is shaping through the last 5 years?
  • How do you update yourself with the recent happenings in the SEO industry?
  • Can you specify one or two recent SEO happenings that caught your attention and thoughts?
  • Do you contribute to blogs and forums on SEO and in LinkedIn groups? Please specify.
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