Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Best PPC Training in Amritsar | PPC Institue in Amritsar | PPC Expert in Amritsar - Googlexpres

Best PPC Training in Amritsar | PPC Institue in Amritsar 

Become a digital marketing expert

in 90 hours training program delivered by experts

Google Adwords PPC Training

Googlexpres  Offers For each PPC Training on Live Tasks without any expense. PPC Stands for Pay Per Click, which means you pay for mouse clicks / leads to your web page coming through search Engines like Search engines Google MSN or any 3rd party website. We not only give you Training on Google PPC but also on Facebook PPC.

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PPC Course Details

1. Campaigns
2. Groups
3. Ad Creation
4. Ad Builder
5. Search Ads
6. Ad Builder
7. Keyword Research
8. Budgeting
9. Network Ad Campaigns
10. Text Ads
11. Demographic Bidding
12. ROI Tracking
13. Linking Analytics with Adwords
14. Increasing CTR
15. Reducing CPC
16. Ad Extensions
17. BROAD Match Keywords, Phrase Match, Exact match
18. Reporting & Tools
19. Traffic Estimator
20. Website Optimizer
21. Placement Tool
22. Contextual targeting Tool
23. Conversion Tracking
24. Opportunities Tool
25. Billing Management
26. Account Management – MCC Account
27. Video Ads, Mobile Ads

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