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Basic and Advance Networking :: CCNA Job Interview Questions and Answers

Basic and Advance Networking :: CCNA Job Interview Questions and Answers

What is difference between Switch & Hub?
What is PING utility?
What is a VLAN? What does VLAN provide?
What is Subnetting? Why is it used?
Difference between the Communication and Transmission?
What is RAID in ccna?
What are 10Base2, 10Base5 and 10BaseT Ethernet LANs?
What are the two types of Transmission Technology available in ccna?
What is point-to-point protocol in ccna?
10 What are the possible ways of data exchange in ccna?
11 What is difference between Baseband and Broadband Transmission in ccna?
12 What is Protocol Data Unit in ccna?
13 What are major types of Networks and explain?
14 What is Passive Topology in ccna?
15 What is the Mesh Network?
16 How network Gateway is different from Routers?
17 What is the network Brouter?
18 What is the network Subnet?
19 What is the Frame relay, in which layer it comes?
20 What is the Terminal Emulation, in which layer it comes?
21 What is the Beaconing?
22 What are the NetBIOS and NetBEUI?
23 What is the Cladding?
24 What is the Attenuation?
25 What is the MAC address?
26 What is the ICMP protocol?
27 What is the difference between ARP and RARP?
28 What is the difference between TFTP and FTP application layer protocols?
29 Explain 5-4-3 rule?
30 What is the MAU?
31 What is the difference between routable and non- routable protocols?
32 What is the logical link control?
33 What is the Virtual Channel?
34 What is the Virtual Path?
35 What is the multicast routing?
36 What is the IGP (Interior Gateway Protocol)?
37 What is OSI?
38 What is the default size of Frame?
39 Which layer are called upper layer?
40 Tell me How many reserve ports?
41 Which decision called socket base?
42 Do you know How many types of Data?
43 What is segmentation and fragmentation?
44 Which layer called error detection layer?
45 What is FCS?
46 What is Encapsulation and De-encapsulation?
47 What is BIA?
48 What is Size of IPv4 MAC Address?
49 Why MAC address called Physical address?
50 Who controls MAC address uniqueness and how?
51 How we can see MAC address from DOS Prompt?
52 Why IP address called logical address?
53 What is the size of IPV4?
54 What is Syntax of IPV4?
55 How many types of IPS?
56 What are the ranges of private IPS?
57 What is the difference between bus topology and HUB?
58 Is hub intelligent device?
59 Which protocol switch use for filling its MAC-Table?
60 What is CAM?
61 Which type for communication switch do?
62 If line down and protocol also down; in this case which layer move problem?
63 If line up, but protocol down which layer should be troubleshot?
64 On which base switches take decisions?
65 How ARP brings MAC address for switch?
66 How many collision domains are in switch?
67 How many broadcast domains are in Switch?
68 What is the subnetmask of / 27 in network based and host based?
69 What will be the prefix length of 224 in VLSM?
70 How many valid IP will b in /21 in route Summarization?
71 In which protocol you manually enable route summarization?
72 In which protocol supenetting is enable by default?
73 What is MAC address size of IPv6?
74 Default Packet Size of IPv6?
75 How many fillers we can put in one IP of IPv6?
76 Which mathematically form used inIPv6?
77 What is quality of IPv6?
78 Define Network?
79 Explain Types of communication in IPv4?
80 Types of communication in IPv6 ?
81 Types of Resource Sharing?
82 What is Collision?
83 Which Type of Transmission Bus Topology Support?
84 What is the difference between half duplex and full duplex?
85 Which way of communication bus topology use?
86 If there is only 2 Host in Bus Topology is that possible collision accord?
87 HUB in Star topology or Bus Topology?
88 What we called 64 Bit Mac-address in IPV6?
89 What is loop back IP in IPV6?
90 Which command we use for ping in IPv6?
91 How many types of router?
92 When we use Router?
93 Which works router Do?
94 What cable called V.35?
95 How many types of Ethernet?
96 Which cable called roll-over?
97 Which cable we connect in DB-9?
98 How many ways to access router?
99 What is IOS?
100 In which IOS version 182 people can access router through telenet?
101 Which mode called privilege mode?
102 When we use interface mode?
103 On Which mode we give debug command?
104 Which command we give on privilege mode for coming back to user execution mode?
105 Which mode we cant skip when we come back from interface mode?
106 When we use loop back IP?
107 When IP confliction accord in subnet which IP assigned automatically and what it called?
108 What is the minimum and maximum request timer?
109 Which company mange IPs?
110 Which classes are assignable?
111 How many potions of IP?
112 Do we subletting of IP?
113 What is subnetting?
114 What is CIDR?
115 What is difference between FLSM and VLSM?
116 What is name of OSPF Algo?
117 What is default size of Hello packets in OSPF?
118 What is default time of hello packets in OSPF?
119 How many tables are in OSPF protocol?
120 When OSPF protocol advertise its routing table?
121 Which table find best path?
122 Which updates called incremental updates?
123 What are partial updates?
124 After how long OSPF exchange its topology table?
125 What is refresher?
126 What s the formula for metric of OSPF?
127 Interface 0/0 what does it mean?
128 When written <CR > what does it mean?
129 Which command we give if router IOS stucked?
130 Which command we give for see routing table?
131 What does synchronization mean?
132 What does routing mean?
133 What is difference between static and dynamic routing?
134 Which type of routing you did in CCNA?
135 How many parts of Ping?
136 When we do default route?
137 What is difference between routing and routed protocols?
138 What is difference between IGP and EIGRP?
139 Why we use debug command?
140 Which command we give for live view of remote site routers?
141 Which protocol used before part of CCNA?
142 Explain protocol?
143 What is difference between RIP and RIPv2?
144 Which protocols are link states?
145 Which Dynamic Type draw back is, if single link down, it removes its routing table?
146 What is matric?
147 On which base distance vector choose best path?
148 What is the name of distance vector algorithm?
149 Why we use filter option?
150 How many maximum paths you can give on Latest IOS in RIP?
151 Explain load balancing?
152 Define Class full Protocol?
153 How many hope count Rip or Rip2 can send updates?
154 What is Trigger RiP and from which IOS version it starts?
155 Which protocols do periodically updates?
156 What is the difference between simple authentication and MD5?
157 Which IPSec rule is used for the Olympia branch and what does it define? (Choose two)
158 Which defined peer IP address an local subnet belong to Crete? (Choose two)
159 Which algorithm as defined by the transform set is used for providing data confidentiality when connected to Tyre?
160 Which peer authentication method and which IPSEC mode is used to connect to the branch locations? (Choose two)
161 In stead of wild card mask what u can write after IP?
162 In which Access- list type you cant do editing?
163 In port based Access-List which command u give instead of IP?
164 What does EQ means?
165 Which reserve port Number Talent use?
166 Which reserve port NO HTTP use?
167 How many types of NAT?
168 What is overlaod?
169 Which 2 Protocols are in WAN technology?
170 How many types of ends in WAN?
171 After how long keep alive messages exchange in EIGRP?
172 Which type of updates EIGRP protocol do?
173 What is the draw back of EIGRP protocol?
174 What is the matric of EIGRP protocol?
175 In EIGRP metric parameters which 2 Options are enable by default?
176 Which protocol can do load balancing on unequal cost also?
177 1350 value in which type of Access-list?
178 1900 value in which type of Access list?
179 2500 value in which type of Access list?
180 What is the difference between named and Extended ACL?
181 When we use standard Access-List?
182 When we use extended Access-List?
183 What is the default behavior of Access-List?
184 On which interface we always Apply Access-List?
185 Wild card mask always in odd value or even?
186 On which bas OSPF take decision?
187 What is default cost of serial interface in OSPF?
188 How many types of OSPF Configuration?
189 What is hold down time formula of OSPF?
190 What is the default bandwidth size of T1 Routers?
191 If bandwidth will increase what will happen?
192 What is the command for change serial cost?
193 When DR communicate with BDR which multicast ip it use?
194 What is the second best path name of EIGRP?
195 What is the name of best path in EIGRP protocol?
196 How much internal and External AD of EIGRP protocol?
197 How many hop counts are by default and how much you can increase in EIGRP protocol?
198 What is the name of Algorithm of EIGRP protocol?
199 Which protocol called Rapid protocol?
200 Which multicast IP EIGRP protocol use?
201 After how long EIGRP protocol Advertise its routing table?
202 What is Formula of Hold down time of EIGRP protocol?
203 How much hold down time of EIGREP protocol?
204 What is the size of Hello Packets in EIGREP protocol?
205 Which protocol works only on Cisco routers?
206 Which protocol comes under Hybrid dynamic type?
207 What is the draw back of OSPF protocol?
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