Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Interesting Facebook shortcuts and tricks to browse Facebook easily

In this post we will share some awesome interesting Facebook shortcuts which could make your social networking life more comfortable. 

You can use Facebook by using many easy shortcuts. Below we are posting the shortcuts for 2 popular web browser Mozilla and Google Chrome.

If you are a Google Chrome user then Follow the following Shortcuts: 

Google Chrome SHortcuts Keys for Facebook : 

New message = Alt+m
Home page = Alt+1
Profile page = Alt + 2
Friends list management = Alt + 3
All the message list = Alt + 4
List of notification = Alt + 5
Account setting page = Alt + 6
Privacy setting page = Alt + 7
Visit Facebook Fan page = Alt + 8
Facebook Policy Page = Alt+ 9

If you are a Mozilla Firefox user then Follow the following Shortcuts: 
You just need to add shift before all the shortcut key used for Google Chrome.

New message = shift+Alt+m
Home page =  shift+Alt+1
Profile page = shift+Alt + 2
Friends list management =  shift+Alt + 3
All the message list = shift+Alt + 4
List of notification = shift+Alt + 5
Account setting page = shift+Alt + 6
Privacy setting page = shift+Alt + 7
Visit Facebook Fan page = shift+Alt + 8
Facebook Policy Page = shift+Alt+ 9

You must be logged in Facebook and stay in the Facebook tab of your browser to use the shortcuts. Cool! isn't it? Just go to your Facebook account and give a try! I like the "New message" shortcut most.
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