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How to increase the Google page rank of your Blog very quickly - Importance of Page rank

What is Google & Alexa Page rank?

Google Page rank is the ranking system by Google where a website or blog is rated from 0-10. The better the website the higher the page rank will be. That means everyone will give priority to the website which has higher page rank. For example:Hubpages has a Google page rank of 5 and Facebook has a Google page rank of 10.
On the other hand Alexa is a website ranking company which ranks website by ranking all the site in their list. So the best site gets the number 1 rank. The bigger the number will be the worst the website is. Google is the number 1 ranked site in Alexa and Facebook is at number 2. Hubpages Alexa rank is 330

How to check Google Page rank:The official site to check Google PR is Prchecker.info. But I don't use this site to check Google page rank. I will recommend to use this site instead - Click hereIf you use this site then you can save a lot of time because it will not need "Human Word verification" again and again.

Why Google Page rank is very important: Google Page rank is very important for your blog/site. A blog with higher page rank means the blog is very Google friendly. The do-follow links from a high page ranked blog/site has higher ability to influence other site page rank. That means everybody wants back-links from higher page ranked Blog. Higher page rank also determines the quality of your site. That is the why a site/ Blog with High Pr can get approval for any kind of affiliate program or advertising networks. You can also earn money by including links or writing reviews of other site in your blog.

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How to Increase Google page rank very quickly: My current blog is about computer tips and tricks. I created this blog 3-4 months ago and recently the blog has been promoted to PR 1. I know that having a PR1 blog is not a big deal but for a beginner blogger this is pretty cool. Now I am going to tell you the steps to increase page rank very quickly:

1. Submit you blog to main search engine directories: At first submit your blog to different search engine directories like Googleyahoo and bing. You can just open this link in a new window and submit your blog.
2. Fresh quality content: Fresh quality content is the best and most important thing to get high traffic and good Page rank. Do not use duplicate content in your blog. Unique contents get ranked in search engine very quickly which helps to get traffic and page rank both at a time.
3. Update daily: try to post at least 1 blog everyday. The more posts do you the better it will be for you to get traffic and good page rank.
4. Back links: Try to get Good Do-follow back Lions. Do not try to get Automatic back-links from different sites. Most of the these sites provides dead back-Links which does not help in increasing page ranks. Recently Google has Penalized those sites which uses irrelevant dead back-links for increasing Page rank.
5. SEO research: You need to reserach for while before writing any kind of articles. Use this Adword keyword tool to find the best keywords and phrases for your article. Try to use more than 3+ words to find the perfect phrase. While researching look at the competition and monthly views. Try to pick a phrase which is having the lowest competition and high monthly views. If you do a SEO research then your articles will be well ranked. The more good articles you will have the better traffic and page rank will be.
6. Add your blog to good blog/link directories: You must submit your blog to some good blog directories. Some of the best directories are Technorati Dmozetc. This 2 are most powerful blog directories and can influence a lot in your page rank.
7. Pinging: Make sure you site/blog is having a auto pinging system so that you contents can be ranked very quickly in search engine. You can also try other pinging website for getting additional exposures. (Note: Do not Ping again and again. Search engine can penalize you if you do so.)
8. Social bookmarking : You must book mark you contents to as many Bookmarking site as possible. Social bookmarking works as a back-linking also brings lot of traffic if it gets popular. Some of the Popular social Bookmarking site are :
* Reddit
* Digg
* Delicious
* Stumble upon
* Google Buzz
* Mix
* She told me
* Redgage
9. Use RSS feed Burner: You can use Rss feed burner to get regular readers. Whenever you post any new article your readers will be notified through feed. This helps to bring traffic consistently and thus it also influences your page rank.

I guess all of these tips will help you to increase your page rank. Thank you for reading the Hub :)

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