Monday, 22 April 2013

Google Penalizes Another Link Network: SAPE Links

The gossips sailing around the SEO market right now is that Search engines has mashed yet another weblink system. SAPE hyperlinks, a weblink system I genuinely never observed of, was the focus on now. Any of those using SAPE hyperlinks were apparently punished and reduced in their positions over the last 24 time or so.
We have a multitude of discussions about downgrades of Search engines positions but the dark hat SEO boards all seem to factor at SAPE Links as the cause.
Black Hat Globe and Black Hat Team both seem assured the purpose for the restrict in positions in Search engines last night was due to having hyperlinks from SAPE hyperlinks.
However, others are not sure if it is particular to SAPE or some other weblink system.
There is clearly something going on, it doesn't seem to be an algorithmic upgrade but it does seem to be a focused charge fighting particular weblink systems and the sites/webmasters that use them.
Here is a record of discussions that are stressing about position decreases at Search engines WebmasterHelp.
A twitter from about monthly ago from Google He Cutts type of facilitates this. SAPE Links is a European weblink network:

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