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Monday, 27 October 2014

Take Our Google Panda 4.1 Poll Below

Take Our Google Panda 4.1 Poll Below

Google Panda 4.1I know Penguin 3.0 is now rolling out but I want that to settle a bit before I poll you on Penguin.
I want to now poll you on Panda 4.1, which began rolling out on September 25th. There was another push on that around October 11th or so, so please check your Analytics and see if your traffic dipped or increased around those dates. If they did, it is likely Panda 4.1.
Here is the poll, please complete it for all sites you manage individually. Also have all your friends and colleagues check this out and complete the poll. I will share the results too.
How Did Google's Panda 4.1 Update Impact Your Site?
Total Votes: 362
For me, it looks like I was hit by Panda 4.1 and I am going to say I was hit in the poll.
I'll run a Penguin 3.0 poll later, after things settle with it. But for the Panda 4.1 poll, look at the dates around September 25th and October 11th for significant drops in traffic from Google organic search (around 30% drops).
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