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Friday, 7 February 2014

How to Set Up Google Authorship in WordPress in 3 Simple Steps

How to Set Up Google Authorship in WordPress in 3 Simple Steps

Google Authorship is a phenomenal project by the search engine giant to enable content creators to make a verified connection between their original content anywhere on the Internet and their Google+ profiles. By setting up Google Authorship, authors may have their profile photo and an Authorship Rich Snippet displayed in search results. In addition, the author’s Google+ circle count, a linked byline that leads to the author’s profile and a link to “More by” to that author’s related content – all may be included with the snippet. In this article, I will cover why it is important to set up Google Authorship and include a visual tutorial how you can accomplish setting up Google Authorship in your WordPress website or blog with your Google Plus profile. Here is an example of a verified Google Plus author’s Authorship rich snippet in Google’s search results: Why Set Up Google Authorship? There are a number of benefits to setting up Google Authorship. Besides having your personal profile and Authorship rich snippet showing in Google’s search results, the benefits include: Determines Authority Similar to your driver’s license number, your Google+ ID is your digital number that validates your content to Google as the original author. This digital number will follow you wherever you go on the web providing you link your content to your Google+ profile. Helps to Fight Plagiarism With Google Authorship, Google will identify your content on the Internet as your content and will serve it before content scrappers. Higher Click Through Rate Your Google profile photo will attract more attention in the search engine results that may lead to a higher click through rate. What You Need to Set Up Google Authorship in WordPress For this “recipe”, you will need the following: A Google Plus personal profile with a recognizable profile photo WordPress website or blog One of the following plugins: WordPress SEO by Yoast All in One SEO Pack 3 Simple Steps to Set Up Google Authorship in WordPress Step One: Google+ – Add your Contributor to Link Log into your Google+ profile page. Navigate to your “About” section and scroll down to the Links section. At the bottom of the “Links” section, click the edit link near the bottom. Locate the “Contributor to” section and click the link, “Add custom link”. In Label – enter your website’s name In URL – enter the URL to your website or blog. Step Two: WordPress – Add your Google+ Profile Link Log into your WordPress Dashboard. Select Users in the left column and click “Your Profile”. Scroll down and locate “Contact Info” Under Contact Info, locate the “Google+” text box and enter your Google+ URL link and click “Update Profile” on the bottom. You can find this link in the address bar on your Google Plus page. It will look similar to: Step Three: Verify Your Google Plus Authorship Link Google provides the Structured Data Testing Tool to validate that you have successfully linked your Google Plus profile to your WordPress website or blog. Navigate to: Structured Data Testing Tool Enter the URL or address to verify and click “Preview”. The tool will show you if you have properly linked your Google Plus profile to your WordPress blog. Note: The snippet of excerpt results will vary depending on the search terms used to find the page. Take Away


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