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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Google Local Maps Spam Invades Knowledge Graph

Google Local Maps Spam Invades Knowledge Graph

Pegman Google MapsLinda Buquet, a top contributor in the Google Local forums, posted a thread in the Google Webmaster Help forums complaining about a massive spam attack in Google that started working on August 22, 2013.
Linda explained that spammers are injecting fake listings into Google+ Local pages, targeting the generic keyword phrase and location for their offerings and coming up in the top knowledge graph result.
For example, a search for [Dentists in Sevierville, TN] brings up a bogus listing:
click for full size
Linda said that she "called the number and it's a young girl's cell phone. Her Mom answered and was totally perplexed." The street view image shows an apparent residential area.
Google Local Knowledge Graph
There are dozens of examples and complaints about this in both the local business forum and Google Webmaster Help.
Have these been causing issues for you?


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