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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Google AdWords Tests New "Ad" Label

Google AdWords Tests New "Ad" Label

Google AdWords New Ad FormatWe covered this on the mobile ad side about two months ago, where Google is testing showing an "ad" label on the AdWords ad, as opposed to the standard format of a different colored background and sponsored label.
Google is now testing this ad label on the desktop results. I don't see them myself but Brian Ussery on Google+ and RubĂ©n on Twitter sent me pictures.
Here is an image of the new format for desktop AdWords ads:
Google AdWords Tests New
As you can see, the ads kind of blend better into the organic listings but at the same time, the hot gold ad label does make it stand out. I assume Google can make that gold yellow color more gray over time to make it blend better. ;-)
Ruben explains how to opt into this test on his new blog.
Forum discussion at Google+ and Twitter.


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