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Friday, 16 August 2013

Are Your Keywords Targeted Enough for SEO?

Are Your Keywords Targeted Enough for SEO?

The foundation of any SEO campaign is your keyword research. The keywords you decide to incorporate into your SEO (both onsite, offsite, and with your content marketing) will determine what kind of search your website will rank for in the SERPs, thereby determining what kind of searcher finds your site. For instance, if you’re trying to sell Bonsai gardening supplies your content has to reflect that and incorporate keywords like “Bonsai garden maintenance” and other phrases that someone with a Bonsai garden  in particular (as opposed to a rose garden or vegetable garden) would search for. “Gardening supplies” or “lawn care” sort of work as keywords, but they aren’t specific enough to what you offer to be the best keywords for your SEO program. This is one of the more common mistakes many site owners make with their keyword research—they don’t get specific enough with their keyword selection.
It’s so important to hone your keyword list down to those that are the most relevant to the content and prospective user because the more targeted your keywords are the most targeted the visitor will be. For instance, if I’m looking to create a bonsai garden in my backyard I don’t want or need information about rose pruning or seasonal vegetables, so my initial search query is already zeroed in on “bonsai gardens.” I have identified myself as a potential customer for the Bonsai gardening supply company simply because of how I started my search.Are Your Keywords Targeted Enough for SEO?
If I know absolutely nothing about bonsai gardens, “bonsai garden” that might be a broad enough place for my search to start so I can learn about the history of bonsai gardens, what type of plants are in a bonsai garden, famous bonsai gardens around the world and such. A bonsai gardening supply company looking to drive visitors like me to their site with their SEO might target keywords such as “bonsai for beginners,” “how to create a bonsai garden,” or “bonsai starter kit.” All these keywords target a new-to-bonsai gardening audience and should steer those visitors to relevant content. I don’t need information about professional pruning shears just yet, so content trying to sell more advanced supplies would be over my head (although it would be perfect for a more experienced gardener).
Now let’s say once I get my bonsai garden planted I notice one of my trees is losing a lot of leaves. Assuming my tree is sick I might search using terms like “Bonsai tree diseases,” “sick Bonsai tree,” “caring for dying Bonsai tree” and so forth. I don’t want to buy a new Bonsai tree; I need information about saving my sick tree. A blog post or gardening forum with common diseases and remedies is exactly the kind of content I’m looking for. If the bonsai gardening website can give me the information I need AND link over to their pots selection which help maintain proper soil moisture level (to make my tree healthy again) I’m going to be more inclined to buy.
When choosing keywords for your SEO program you have to remember that not every keyword is going to result in a sale. Some keywords are more informational (like “how to start a bonsai garden”) while others have a better chance of converting (“Bonsai tree kits”)—but all the keywords you select have to relate back to your content AND to your visitor’s intentions on one way or another. If your keywords are targeted enough your SEO campaign will never build up the momentum to be as big a success as it could be.
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