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Friday, 28 June 2013

New Google Analytics, Dashboard, Real-time, Social Media, Site Speed, Custom Reports.

New Google Analytics, Dashboard, Real-time, Social Media, Site Speed, Custom Reports. 

Have you switched to the new Google Analytics?
New Google Analytics Introduction
The new Google Analytics (v5) has been made available to all users.
Access the new Google Analytics through:
Google Analytics Report Finder allows you to view reports that are available in the new Google Analytics accounts:
The new Google Analytics offers new Overview Reports that each includes 3 sections:
  • Timeline
  • Aggregate Metrics
  • Reports
Google Analytics Dashboards
Google Analytics dashboard can show preview of your most importantGoogle Analytics Metrics.
In the new Google Analytics, dashboard reports are widget-based and highly customizable with 4 types of widgets:
  • Metric
  • Pie Chart
  • Timeline
  • Table
    Google Analytics New Version Dashboard
The new Google Analytics allows creating up to 20 custom dashboards per profile. For example, you can create a SEO dashboard showing organic search engine traffic sources, SEO keywords, top landing pages from SEO traffic.
Google Analytics Real-time Dashboard Report
The real-time report is available on the dashboard. With the real-time dashboard report, you can:
  • Monitor real-time traffic when new online marketing campaigns are launched to ensure campaign tracking is correctly set up.
  • Measure the immediate impact of social media marketing campaigns, including new Twitter tweets and new blog posts.
For now, no other Google Analytics reports are available as real-time reports.
Google Analytics Site Speed Reports
Setting up the site speed report in your Google Analytics account will allow you to monitor your website’s loading speed and optimize website page load time for both PPC and SEO.
Google Analytics site speed report takes samples of your site visitors andshows the percentages of visitors who opened your web pages under average load time, more or less the average load time, and above average load time, with goal conversions.
Google Analytics Social Media Reports
Social Media Reports that can track Google +1, Twitter Tweets and Facebook Likes are available in the new Google Analytics:
  • Social engagement
  • Social actions
  • Social pages
Google Analytics Map Overlay Reports
Besides the US, state/province/region breakdowns are available for other countries of the world in Map Overlay Reports of the new Google Analytics.
Google Analytics Multi-channel Funnels
Google Analytics attributes all goal conversions to the last click by default.
Google Analytics Multi-channel Funnels offers 5 reports with insight into the full path to conversion over a 30 day period, from the first click to the last click of multiple traffic sources that have led to conversions.
Kenshoo Search offers path-to-conversion tracking by keyword by traffic sources that is very similar to Google Analytics multi-channel funnels.
Link Multiple Adwords to One Google Analytics
Previously only one Google AdWords account is allowed to link to one Google Analytics account. Now multiple AdWords accounts can be linked to one Google Analytics account, with auto-tagging.
Linking all your Adwords account to your Google Analytics account allows you to track Adwords PPC keyword conversions in the one Google Analytics account.
Google Analytics Custom Reports
New features for the Custom Reports are available in the new Google Analytics:
  • The Custom Reports tab
  • Building a custom report
  • Getting the right data
  • Organizing your report with Flat Table report and Explorer report tabs
  • Sharing your custom reports
  • Finding a home for your old custom reports
Additional new features that are also available in the new Google Analytics:
  • Simplified custom report builder
  • More metrics and dimensions
  • Custom navigation
Google Analytics Premium
Google Analytics Premium is the paid version of Google Analytics:
With Google Analytics Premium, you can:
  • Avoid sampled data.
  • Get to use up to 50 custom variables that will allow complex segmentation.
  • Pay 150,000 USD in the US, 150,000 CAN in Canada or 90,000 GBP in the UK per year to use one of the top web analytics tools that are on the same level with the world’s top web analytics tools: Adobe Omniture’s SiteCatalyst and IBM’s Coremetrics.
  • Get dedicated technical supports including implementation consultation, tagging audit, live webinar training, and phone and email support.
Google Analytics Premium allows:
  • Up to 1 billion hits per month.
  • Faster, intra-day data report processing.
  • Data collection up-time of 99.9%, reporting up-time of 99% and on-time data freshness of 98%.


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